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The Protocol and Liaison Service contributes to the Delegates’ Handbook, a booklet that contains information of a general nature about United Nations Headquarters and is applicable throughout the current session. Changes or suggestions to the booklet should be addressed to the General Assembly Affairs Branch, Room S-3048, phone: (212) 963-2337, fax: (212) 963-3783. This booklet is also available on the internet at the United Nations Delegates website ( as well as the General Assembly website, under Resources ( ( دليل المندوبين إلى الدورة 74 للجمعية العامة


74th session of the General Assembly Delegates Handbook

Manuel à l’usage des délégations pendant la soixante-quatorzième session de l’Assemblée générale

Справочник делегата 74-й сессии Генеральной Ассамблеи

Manual del delegado para el septuagésimo cuarto período de sesiones de la Asamblea General
Delegates' Handbook EFRSCA resolution 18

Cover of Delegates' Handbook

74th session of the General Assembly Delegates Handbook