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Document Symbol: ST/PLS/SER.A/306

Title: Protocol and Liaison Service Permanent Missions to the United Nations - Nº306 (last updated May 2017)

NOTE: Due to the transfer of the database of the electronic version of the diplomatic Blue Book to the new data format, the former version of the subject publication is no longer being updated.

This publication is prepared by the Protocol and Liaison Service for information purposes only.

The listings relating to the Permanent Missions are based on information communicated to the Protocol and Liaison Service by the Permanent Missions, and their publication is intended for use by delegations and the Secretariat. They do not include all diplomatic and administrative staff exercising official functions in connection with the United Nations.
Note Verbale - Request for updates for 2016 Blue Book (issued 10 March 2016)

Blue Book No. 305 (English)

Cover of Blue Book Nº306

(June 2016).